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A Serial Investment Company led by Innovators and Future Makers

A Serial Investment Company led by Innovators and Future Makers

Our unwavering commitment is to provide top-tier solutions and services across these industries, driving excellence and innovation in each area we engage.

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As a global corporation we strive for diversity across the globe

Travel and Logistics

Effortless journeys and reliable logistics for both leisure and business, ensuring a smooth experience from planning to arrival


Sustainable farming practices, from ethical fish and poultry farming to eco-friendly palm tree oil cultivation, promoting biodiversity and community well-being.

Real Estate

Tailored real estate solutions for homes, commercial spaces, and strategic investments, guided by transparency, integrity, and innovation.


Cutting-edge IT solutions, from software/website development to cybersecurity, propelling businesses forward in the digital era.

About Us

About Us

An investment company owned by a collective group, dedicated to nurturing and advancing a sustainable society.

  • An investment company, collectively owned, dedicated to advancing sustainability in travel and logistics.

  • Committed to fostering a sustainable society, we navigate challenges and opportunities, offering innovative solutions in the IT sector.

  • Thriving on a collective vision, we cultivate sustainability in agriculture, providing impactful solutions for a greener future.

  • Rooted in a commitment to societal well-being, we shape the real estate landscape strategically, ensuring a positive impact on communities.

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Introducing our Flagship Delivery Service – Hurri

Hurri Logistics(A Registered Trademark under Schlitters Limited) is a last mile delivery service currently serving Benin-City…

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“I love my property purchase because of the thorough diligence taken before acquiring it. The attention to detail made the process reassuring and enjoyable.”

Loius Ikheloa


“I’m a repeat customer for their catfish, and every purchase exceeds expectations. Their consistent quality has made me a loyal customer. Excited for more from this exceptional farm!”

Nwonye Faith


“Their expertise transformed our website, enhancing user-friendliness and boosting our online presence. Highly recommend!”

Richard Mgbeze